Information about the benefits of molecular hydrogen (H2) water is based on the research results published by the Molecular Hydrogen Institute (MHI). MHI also publishes somewhat easier to read/comprehend, user friendly articles about molecular hydrogen (H2) water.

What is the Molecular Hydrogen Institute?

Molecular Hydrogen Institute (MHI) is a non-profit scientific organization with a highly esteemed Advisory Panel consisting of professors, researchers, and other prominent academics. MHI is the foremost authority on the science of molecular hydrogen, and has three main objectives:

  • advance, promote, and publicize hydrogen research
  • educate governmental, medical, scientific, and political professionals/organizations
  • orchestrate the hydrogen movement and maintain the integrity of hydrogen research and hydrogen products


The MHI website contains the latest research and scientific publications on hydrogen therapy including cell, animal, and human studies. MHI helps organize and disseminate this hydrogen research published in scientific journals like Nature, Science, JAMA, etc., and using databases, such as SciFinder, PubMed, HighWire, Web of Science and Scopus, along with personal communication with other hydrogen researchers.


MHI supports and collaborates with scientists and researchers around the world who are seeking to advance the scientific understanding and use of molecular hydrogen for clinical and medical applications. MHI welcomes additional collaboration from Universities, Hospitals, medical organizations and other accredited institutes and research groups. MHI is a science-based non-profit and does not sell or endorse hydrogen products.


MHI reports that the emerging science of hydrogen therapy appears to have significant therapeutic applications in many diseases and medical conditions. MHI helps to educate medical professionals by speaking at medical and health conferences, which can often be used to obtain CEUs depending on the conference. MHI also participates in research seminars and hydrogen symposiums by presenting, organizing and participating in these academic conferences.


To help maintain the integrity of the hydrogen research and industry, MHI also offers varying levels of hydrogen education with MHI certifications upon successful completion of course work and exams. This is available to the public and is beneficial for medical professionals, industry leaders, as well as sales agents/distributors of hydrogen products and hydrogen companies.

Click here to go to the Molecular Hydrogen Institute website to read articles.

Click here to go to the Molecular Hydrogen Institute website to read scientific studies.